Das CHINESISCHE REICH [German] The Chinese Empire [translation]
MIT SEINEN SCHUTZSTAATEN [German] and its protectorates [translation]
NEBST DEM JAPANISCHEN INSELREICH, [German] as well as the Japanese archipelago [translation]
Gotha, bei Justus Perthes 1833 [German] Gotha by Justus Perthes [translation]

Gotha is a German city where more cartographers/publishers worked. Johann Georg Justus Perthes, 1749-1816 book/mapseller, publisher in Gotha. He did not make maps himself.

His company was so successful that it still exists

The publishing house activity of the house Justus Perthes began in September 1785 with the publication ' 'Almanach de Gotha' [yearbook of Gotha] for instance the ' Gothai Genealogi Hofkalenders'' , until today world-wide famous under the term ' the Gotha ' . This got a world-wide reputation; already at the beginning England Holland, France, Italy, Russia and even America belonged to the areas where these books were sold. The last issues were published in 1944. After the Second World War the ' Gotha ' could not be coninued in the publishing house anymore.

With Adolf Stieler and its small atlas (starting from 1817) the publication emphasis shifted from maps to Atlases. The ' Stieler ' was recognized as the epitome of the good cartography coming from the house of Justus Perthes and became a standard of geographical publishing. In 1925 the ' expenditure for the century ' was published; At the end of of 1934 they undertook the bold attempt to represent the atlasses in each country in their own national language. Altogether the ' Stieler ' was sold over 115 years in 112 different issues and totalled ten editions.

Probably this map is published in the 1832-43 Atlas von Asia by HEINRICH BERGHAU5 1797-1884

Berghaus founded a School of Geography at Potsdam where he came into contact with, and was much influenced by, Alexander von Humboldt, whose ideas of physical geography he incorporated in a Physikalischer Atlas issued in sections over the years 1837-48. This was an important and influential work on the subject with a very wide international circulation.